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Emi travel limited is a unique entity in the travel industry. We have taken a more specialized and customer-centric approach.
With this degree of specialization comes experience and expertise. We understand what small and mid-sized companie sthat require a level of service that is both high quality and unique.


Emi’s Travel market focus and responsiveness are more than management-driven concepts -they are a living part of our company , demonstrated every day by our employees


Air travel and related services | Car hire | Organizing safaris | Conferences | Hooneymooners | Medical holidays | Mountain climbing | Personalized travel arrangements

... your travel agency of choice


Wih our experience and market research we'll tailor the most effective and affordable solutions to your travel and tours needs, whether it is organizing a private camp or a gala bush dinner, hire a plane, a camel or vintage car, we will put you on the right path.


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