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EMI Travels helps you to create worthy corporate retreats and team building excursions with unique destinations and impactful itinerary. For over 5 years, we have been trusted with providing organizations with unforgettable experiences that build them into stronger units that appreciate and care for each other.

We provide destination insight and property selection to meet your team’s unique needs, clearing away the huddle that is finding the perfect location.

In addition to that, we plan the itinerary and create agenda that bring meaning to your days – hitting the right balance between workshops and exciting team-building activities that everyone will love. This builds camaraderie, sparks positive energy, creates insight, and builds tangible skills in your people.

Our fully customized packages also cater for transport – whichever options you prefer – for your team and guests.

And with an on-site team making sure everything runs smoothly; your organization can enjoy a flawless corporate retreat and come a fully rejuvenated, cohesive and committed to your company’s mission.


Careful Planning

We work very closely with you and your team to understand the overall intention of the trip, your travel preferences and to get a sense of an ideal daily itinerary.

All Logistics

We handle the logistics including all hotel booking, venue booking, ground and air logistics of personnel and equipment and facilitating itinerary.

Great Industry Knowledge

We tap into our industry knowledge and experience to come up with great destination and accommodation recommendations and programs.

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