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Even if visa requirements seem easy to understand, the hassle of paperwork and complicated official procedures make the entire process draining and ultimately unsuccessful.

For a country like the USA, 1 in 3 visa applications is denied because of common oversights and/or incomplete supporting evidence.

To avoid these costly risks, get peace of mind, and have your visa issued in a timely manner, you need Visa Application Support from EMI Travel’s visa and immigration experts.

We are familiar with all the conditions that you must meet in order to get permission to enter a country and all the documents you must have with you on arrival. We know the system inside out and will help you overcome all the possible blockers that might arise – ensuring you make your trip and achieve all you wanted to while there.

As such, we review your entire application and advise you on the many details of the complex visa application procedure. We also set your appointments with the Embassy and prepare you for interviews.

Our communication throughout the process will be proactive, and you can reach out to our friendly customer service representatives any time.

What We Cover

Tourist Visa

For a temporarily stay for tourism, attending social events or receiving medical treatment.

Business Visa

For travelling to meet with business partners, attend a conference and/or conduct short-term business.

Transit Visa

For persons looking to have a brief layover in a given country en route to another country.

Study or Exchange Visa

For persons who want to go to another country to study.

Why Partner With Us

Avoid Visa Denial Risk

The majority of delays and denials are avoidable if one has an experienced team reviewing their application.

Save Time

Free yourself from handling paperwork and visiting embassies; so that you can focus on preparing for your trip.

Reduce Costs

Why risk denial and paying for visa fees and associated costs again and again when you can contact us and get it right first time?

Stay Informed

Never miss an update and get informed on all the guidelines, best practices, necessary documentation and amendment of rules.

Get Peace of Mind

You can count on our help, at any time of the day or night and at any stage of your visa application process.

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