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Unspoiled, beautiful and sun-kissed, the Kisite Marine Park was established to protect the scenic islands and special habitats of a wide range of endemic marine animals and breeding migratory birds.

This superb marine park is the Masai Mara of the sea – incredible natural formations, colourful habitats and limitless sea life. The Kisite Mpunguti is a protected sanctuary of coral reefs and small islands, home to dolphins, turtles, innumerable fish and sea birds. This makes it one of the most rewarding snorkelling and scuba diving locations on the Kenyan Coast.

Visitors can also dive and of course, sunbathe.

Lying south of Wasini Island, the sea life is so lush here that you can expect to see curious dolphins leaping alongside your boat. These include spinner dolphins, humpback dolphins and bottle-nosed dolphins. Fortunate visitors can sometimes enjoy a swim with them.

The reserve is also home to over 360 fish species such as grouper, pufferfish, blue-lined snappers, butterfly fish, blue parrotfish, triggerfish pelagic fish, rock cod, angelfish and moray eel.

Exploring this colourful aquatic sanctuary, you’ll also find octopus, manta rays, gastropods, coconut crabs, clams, sea cucumbers, reef sharks and sometimes even migrating humpback whales who nurture their calves in these clear, warm waters.

You can also catch sea birds like crab-plover and roseate tern living in large nesting colonies here after their migration from Europe.

  • Destination:South Coast, Kenya
  • Duration:6 days
  • DATES : Jun 21 - Jun 27
    • Hotel:4 Stars
    • Meals:Lunch, Dinner
  • PRICE :



    Day 1 | Departure from Nairobi

    Depart for a plane ride to Diani

    Arrive at your preferred accommodation center in time for lunch then an afternoon game drive

    Return to your preferred accommodation center 6.30 pm for dinner and overnight stay

    Day 2: Full Day Enjoyment at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve

    2 game drives today, one in the morning before breakfast and the other in the late afternoon after lunch

    Alternatively, a full-day game drive with a packed picnic lunch at no extra cost

    Return to your preferred camp by evening

    Day 3: Full Day Enjoyment at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve

    Full day at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve with morning and afternoon visits

    Return to your preferred camp by evening

    Enjoy the amenities and activities on offer at your preferred camp.

    Day 4: Return to Nairobi

    At the break of dawn, you will embark on concluding boat rides

    A relaxed breakfast follows before an onward departure for Nairobi

    Arrival in Nairobi by late afternoon


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