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Loads of wildlife in picturesque, steep forested ravines and open moorland characterize the Aberdare National Park and make the experience of visiting it unlike anywhere else in Kenya.

The park provides a habitat for elephants, black rhinos, leopards, lions, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, buffalos, warthogs and bushbucks among others.

If you are very lucky you might catch a glimpse of Kenya’s rarest antelope, the bongo. The Park is also home to a healthy population of black rhino.

Visitors can also indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands.

Bird viewing is rewarding, with over 250 species of birds in the park, including the Jackson’s Francolin, Sparrow hawks, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers.

The Park has several high mountain peaks, deep ravines with icy mountain streams and many beautiful waterfalls with a moorland plateau.

You can explore the park while on game drives and trek up the high peaks and take in the spectacular scenery.

The thick rainforest gives way to a bamboo forest and interesting alpine vegetation the higher you travel up the mountain peaks within the park.

Aberdare National Park is most famous as the place where Princess Elizabeth found out that she was Queen upon the death of her father at Treetops Lodge. Since then this lodge has been popular with tourists on safari to Kenya.

  • Destination:Kenya
  • Duration:6 days
  • DATES : Jun 21 - Jun 27
    • Hotel:4 Stars
    • Meals:Lunch, Dinner
  • PRICE :

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    Day 1 | Departure from Nairobi

    Depart for a scenic drive to Aberdare National Park

    Arrive at your preferred lodge in time for lunch then an afternoon game drive

    Return to your preferred camp 6.30 pm for dinner and overnight stay

    Day 2: Full Day Enjoyment at Aberdare National Park

    2 game drives today, one in the morning before breakfast and the other in the late afternoon after lunch

    Alternatively, a full-day game drive with a packed picnic lunch at no extra cost

    Return to your preferred camp by evening

    Day 3: Full Day Enjoyment at Aberdare National Park

    Full day at Aberdare National Park with morning and afternoon game drives

    Return to your preferred camp by evening

    Enjoy the amenities and activities on offer at your preferred camp.

    Day 4: Return to Nairobi

    At the break of dawn, you will embark on concluding game drives

    A relaxed breakfast follows before an onward departure for Nairobi

    Arrival in Nairobi by late afternoon


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