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Planning for tours abroad can be exhausting. You might not know where to start and if you pick a destination randomly, you might have buyer’s remorse before long.

But with EMI Travel, you can take it easy as we whip up the perfect itinerary for you and still take care of your hotel reservations, peace of mind and flight bookings.

The plethora of destinations in our packages all have something unique and special in store for you.

The meticulously designed packages cover almost all the entire world – featuring magical destinations in Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

We make sure that you make the most of your trip in making memories, minding your wallet and experiencing every good thing out there.

Get in touch with us now for an assortment of offers including long weekend deals and festive season discounts that will make your tour the best thing you’ll ever experience.

The world of natural beauty, amazing views, enthralling activities and fascinating attractions is awaiting you.

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