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We offer bespoke and specialist solutions for hotel accommodation and venue sourcing; fulfilling your accommodation needs fully so that you focus on enjoying your travel and holiday.

Whether you require an individual hotel booking, long-term hotel accommodation or a block booking of group accommodation; we have excellent relationships with hotels and a dedicated team to negotiate the best rates for you, handle the paperwork and ensure a comfortable stay wherever you may wish.

Can’t decide where to go? Don’t worry, we also take in our client’s personal needs and requirements and provide the best options for your consideration.

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    Why Book With EMI

    Free Cancellation on Nearly All Rooms

    For most properties in our listing, there are no cancellation fees. So, breathe easy when you have an emergency to take care of.


    You are just a call away from getting the perfect accommodation. With EMI, you can conveniently book on short notice or on the move.

    Great Support

    We are proactive and always available to cater to you at any time,
    day or night.

    Clear Pricing With No Hidden Fees

    The prices we give you will be the prices you pay. No need to worry about incurring extra charges or last-minute hikes.