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Hippo Point is an exclusive private wildlife conservancy sitting on an isthmus between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien at an altitude of 6,200 feet or 2,000 metres.


With a near-perfect microclimate – over 350 species of birds and an average of 1,200 resident animals roaming the grounds – it is the perfect place to let go of your busy life.


A sophisticated African environment to enjoy nature and have fun; catch up with yourself, and enjoy family and friends. Fall asleep under Russian linen sheets, smothered by the stars of Africa, soothed by sounds of hyenas and hippos calling in the night.


Wake up early and breathe in the cool spring air of altitude and walk among the game and birdlife along the lake shore, do yoga at sunrise, swim, jog with the Zebra, bike, meditate, read or simply enjoy breakfast in bed.


Here, you can do what you like when you like – and if you’re more than six – you get the whole place to yourselves.

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